A Curry Lovers Meal Box - consisting of curries and chappatis, ready to eat

Curry Lovers Meal Box

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Delight in our Curry Lovers Meal Box: 4 curries, 2 daals, fresh Roti & Thepla. A chilled, chef-crafted gift, perfect for sharing authentic Indian flavors

Featuring 4 exquisite curries, 2 flavorful daals, and freshly made Roti and Thepla, this chilled and chef-made ensemble ensures an authentic, delightful experience. From the aromatic Tikka Masala to the homely warmth of Dal Maharani, each element is a carefully crafted celebration of rich flavors. Ideal for gifting, this box promises a journey to the heart of Indian kitchens, delivering a perfect blend of convenience and culinary excellence to your doorstep. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this unforgettable gift. Arrives chilled, suitable for home freezing - freeze on day of arrival.